Lista accoglienze cammino degli 88 templi

In questa lista stampabile potete trovare i diversi tipi di alloggio tra i quali scegliere, durante il vostro cammino in Giappone.

Per comodità riportiamo le categorie:

Termini utili dei diversi posti per dormire
– Tsūyadō (通夜堂) = Sono sistemazioni gratuite (solitamente) per pellegrini, a piedi o in bici, messe a disposizione dai templi. Solitamente tettoie o altre strutture al chiuso all’interno del complesso, ma molto spartane. Non aspettatevi nulla di simile agli albergue spagnoli. Arrivare prima delle 17.00 e, durante le stagioni di picco (primavera e autunno), è meglio avvisare in anticipo perché alcuni templi non mischiano i sessi e hanno una sola stanza.
– Zenkonyado (善根宿) = Sistemazioni gratuite/economiche messe a disposizione dai locali per i pellegrini a piedi o in bici.
– Zenninyado (善人宿) = Sistemazine gratuita offerta ai pellegrini in casa propria da parte di un privato.
Michi no Eki (道の駅) = Letteralmente stazione a lato della strada (quelle sulla lista hanno un’are di sto esterna con una tettoia)
– Henro Goya (遍路小屋・へんろ小屋) = Henro rest huts. Tettoia di riparo appositamente costruite per i pellegrini in cammino. Ecco una lista con la mappa (in giapponese): ヘンロ小屋の案内.
– Daishido (大師堂) = Piccoli Shrine (shinto shrine). Visitati solo quelli in lista. Siccome sono gestiti dalle comunità, è sempre meglio chiedere ai locali prima di accedervi. Alcuni necessitano di chiavi per accedervi. Siete pregati di pulire per chi verrà dopo di voi e rimettere tutto in ordine. Alcuni hanno chiuso durante l’ultimo anno.
四阿 /東屋 / 休息所 = rest huts tettoie
– Unattended Train Stations = questo sono stazioni più piccole nei paesi, o nei sobborghi, tra le città; molte sono dotate di bagni puliti.
– Minshuku (民宿) / Ryokan (旅館) = Sistemazioni a pagamento (tipico hotel stile giapponese, solitamente a conduzione famigliare)
– Sudomari (素泊まり) = Renotare per la notte, senza cena e senza colazione. E’ un trattamento speciale riservato ai pellegrini. Si può dire ‘Sudomari onegaishimasu’ al momento della prenotazione, così il ryokan sa di non preparare pasti. Di solito la prenotazione normale include cena e colazione.

Temple #1
080-3920-5003 Near Naruto Station, Kousouku Naruto etc.:  Has display of free lodging from Temples 1-88. Provides car as settai. ¥2000
090-5717-9096 / 080-1271-4300 湯浅 Fujiichigen.Ashram zenkonyado, near Naruto station, ¥2000, tea & coffee provided as osettai, kitchen available.
080-4034-4593岩田 Oshikoku guest house, in front of temple 1, bath/kitchen/internet/bicycle, ¥2000 VV
Rest hut just behind the temple. In front of the temple: Take the street on the left, just before of the Expressway bridge. At the end there is a rest are with a hut and water. V
#5 ~ #6
(Mizobuchi Koumuten construction company). ¥300. (water, toilet)
Temple #6
Tsuyado. (2nd floor of bell tower/temple gate with 3-4 pilgrims) VV
Temple #8
Tsuyado. (in parking lot. 3 tatami.)
#10 ~ #11 
Rest hut = Goya rest hut nr 45. Have Blakets, toilet. No water. On road 247 2 km after temple 10. V
Kamo no Yu Onsen. 2km before #11. (henro huts, free bicycles, free laundry and a dryer for a small fee, discount on entry to onsen) VV
090-3657-7165. Akatsuki-An. The official Japanese list says it’s close to the East Kamajima Fire Station (which moved a few years ago), and therefore is inaccurate. This means that it’s actually closer to the Kamojimadaiichi Junior High School. However, make sure you, phone for directions (only if you can speak Japanese).
#11 ~ #12
Zenkonyado on the main road just before Ryuusui-an [柳水庵]. Running water. Maybe toilet.
Looks very nice as an entirely enclosed building. It looks like it has electricity too.
Karuizawa Leisure Land, small hut, ¥1500. (¥600 with your own tent). Bath available.
すだち館 Is reported to give a ride to an onsen for lodgers.
Temple #12 
Hut in Mikan Orchard. (ask permission at temple, may not be possible) 088-677-0112
#12 ~ #13
090-2829-4260 Doushinzen Dojo. 5min walk along car road from Jousan-an, place to stay.
088-677-1180上杉 Iyashi dokoro sudachi-kan. 3km after #12. Men and women in separate rooms. ¥3000 incl 2 meals and rice balls osettai forlunch.
Hut. After the bridge at Kamiyama Onsen.Another hut in the parking lot.
Abe-san’s Zenkonyado before Nabeiwasou. (Look out for white handwritten signboards.) ¥1000.
#16 ~ #17
088-642-1391 Sakae Taxi. On the 2nd floor of office along Route 6 – mid-point to Temple 17. (Shower available, toilet, washing machine) Ask. Everyone knows it. VV
#17 Tsuyado. It’s a nice little hut in the temple compounds, and I saw an outlet.
#17 ~ #18
Hut in front of Jizouin. Water and toilet.
090-1033-5125 Business Kikuno Ryokan 7 mins walk from Tokushima station. 1 person is ¥3000, 2 people ¥5000
88-653-0768 Otsuru Ryokan. 15 mins walk from Tokushima Station. The owner is a very nice elderly lady. She usually gives onigiri as osettai – and they’re big!Covered shelter attached to the train station in the Meisui neighborhood, which is above the area around West Fire Station.
Shinmachi Onsen. Can’t stay, but free entry for walking henro.
Hut with walls and windows after Katsuura bridge on route 55
Henro rest huts in front of Awa Odori Kaikan. (super exposed in a large city – not recommended unless you’re really desperate)
#18 – #19  Prefab. Building. Vending machine, hot water stuff (no water). Rest place comfortable and close. V
#19 ~ #20 JR Tachie Station – unmanned station. (water, toilet)
about 4km from Temple #19. Prefab building, water, toilet, tatami. Look for signs at an abandoned bus stop.
Kayabuki Henro Hut. Before the car road up to #20.
Couchsurfers: You can search for a Japanese couple in ‘Anan City’ or ‘Tokushima City’. They probably will pop up at the top, as they have 40+ positive reviews. They’re a bit off the beaten track, but I guarantee that you will have a wonderful stay with them and their young son. One of them has cycled the Shikoku Pilgrimage.
#20 ~ #21
At foot of Temple #20. Can camp at school ruins (toilet) V
Also a hut a little further ahead.
#21 ~ #22
Michi-no-eki Wajiki. (toilet, water.)
#22 ~ #23
0884-36-3020 Zenkonyado immediately after Temple #22 at the Kikuyu Metalworks Shop. Light work in exchange for stay. Ask for Kikuya-san.
Temple #23
0884-77-0880 Refurnished bus about 2km before #23 on Route 55 (referred to as the Hashimoto Bus). Note that Hashimoto Restaurant is now closed, but the bus is still there. Also, it is just off Route 55, along the river, so ask people in the area or at the temple. (water, toilet, blankets) VVV
Michi-no-Eki Hiwasa. Not recommended, but it has plenty of benches and the handicap toilet has a nifty pull-out bed.Ashiura Massage (Ask for Anand), in front of Temple 23.
#23 ~ #24
Mostly in order of appearance. 090-7574-7879西 Mugi Town. Dewashima Guesthouse. 2000 yen.
Tōrushii Tea settai at Kriya Yoga Practice Hall (Kriya Yoga Taikenchi).
0884-77-2266 Tsuyado at Bangai 4, Saba Daishi.Kaifu town. Settai place with lodging. VV
0884-73-2183 Rest place in front of Kaifu Station. (nearby supermarket, water/toilet at station) . Kaifu Bus Stop500m
Also a Daishido about 1km away from Kaifu bus stop.
Shishikui, Henro hut on stilts by the ocean promenade (Between Shishikui Hotspring and Cafe Hikosen).It’s a lovely place to watch sunrise and sunset.
Cafe Hikosen (no lodging) – after Shishikui beach and a bridge passing Shishikui port, has coffee and internet as osettai for pilgrims (they are the loveliest people)
Kannoura Bus Stop
Tsunami shelter.
0887-28-1159 Tsuyado at Toyodaishi Meitoku-ji in None, Toyo town. (Fits 3 people Toilet. Water, washing machine) V
Sakibama. Various places – bus stop, under the bridge,
Sakihama Daishido (space for 1-2 people).
#25 Bridge at beach just before Temple#25. Water from park in front.
Only Ryokan available in this part. Plan your journey.
#26 ~ #27
Fudoiwa Bus Stop (Toilet)Various places – hut at Kiragawa river.
Rest place in parking lot of Kiragawa Town Machinami-kan.
Hut just outside Kiragawa Town, beside a cemetary, facing the sea, along Route 55. (Toilet and water)
Michi-no-eki Muroto (there isn’t much here).
Hut in front of the River at Nijyusanshi Onsen
Karyogo Bus Stops
Michi-no-eki Tano.
Park and bus stops in Nahari.
Closed bus stop, just in front of the ocean on road 55, between Yasuda and Tonohama. V
090-7579-1281 / 0887-38-224 Ryonoshuku Bi-en(?), ¥2500 includes 2 meals.
Temple #27 088738-5495. Tsuyado. Call to confirm availability as it’s on top of a mountain. Toilet. Electricity. Water. Blankets.
#27 ~ #28
Hut in the park in front of Geisei Field / Ball Courts.
Tosa Kuroshio Railway (Gomen- Nahari line). Can stay the night in the train station building.
0887-33-3762萩森 Hagimori-san’s zenkonyado near Nishibun Station, Geisei Village. (there are many separate cabins. on a path that runs along the sea). Call ahead. Blankets. Tables. Maybe kitchen. Also has wooden slabs outside.
Konan City YA SEA PARK (close to Yasu Station). Has public toilets and if you arrive early you can probably use the shower area in the sports facilities. It has an amazing sunset and you can probably find a place to stealth camp (either along the beach or on the rooftop patio of one of the new buildings).
Konan City Kagami henro hut. (close to Kagami Station) Water. Blankets.
Wellplaza Restaurant (?) Rest Area. Water and refreshments.
#28 ~ #29
088-863-3715 Nishioka zenkonyado. 3km after Monobe River before #29, close to a cemetery, water, toilet. ¥300. VV
#29 ~ #30
Kamohara henro hut after Kamohara Post Office or City Offices (water, toilet). Please inform the people in the offices.
#30 ~ #31
Katsuo Guest House (Close to Kochi Station) 2500 yen
Godaisan viewing platform. (water, toilet at #31)
Temple #32
Zenkonyado. 088-847-3341. It is a garage downstairs, under the temple. Toilet, water. V
Temple #33
Tsuyado. 088-837-2233
Temple #34
Tsuyado. Must stamp book, or buy an individual paper stamp. (tatami, futon, small kitchen, toilet, water) xx
Temple #35
Tsuyado. Male & females separate.
#35 ~ #36
Hut before Tsukaji Tunnel / mountain path. (water, toilet, vending machines)
Kokumin shukusha tosa, ¥2500 dormitory, has a hot spring, laundry, vending machines VV
#36 ~ #37
Hut on the west side before Usa bridge, opposite the port. It’s a remodeled bus stop after the bridge to #35, before the ferry port. On the left side of the road if walking to #36
Susaki henro hut. (Route 23) (walls, spacious raised platform, water, toilet, 2 power outlets and a light). Say hi to the elderly man with the house beside.
Plaza near Susaki fire station. (water, toilet) – Michi-no-eki Susaki.
Kageno Station.
Free showers at Yuingu Shimanto.
Michi-no-eki Aguri Kubokawa. (water, toilets)
Temple #37
Tsuyado. Hut at back of temple, ask permission. It is a garage. Have toilet, water V
0880-22-0376.AirBnB Host close to Shimanto. Approx 3500 JPY. If you cook, then there’s food in the fridge. Drive to lodgings estate. I had a wonderful stay.
#37 ~ #38
(mostly in order of appearance) Henro Hut around Sagatachibanagawa, close to the gas station. About 10 km after Iwamoto-ji, after you come down the mountain slopes. (Water. Toilet.)
Kobushino Onsen. Henro Hut outside. Discount to Onsen
Kannondo right after Ida Tunnel at Kuroshio Town. I-no-misaki Onsen nearby. (water, electricity)
Henro Hut before Bios Ogata Michi no Eki . If you are walking towards #38 along route 56, it will be on your right, on stilts.
Bios Ogata Michi no Eki. Toilet. Water. Coin showers at the beach. It’s alright, but perhaps a bit exposed for some people. There is a hut behind the building if you prefer more privacy.
Note that after this point, there are 2-3 routes that get down to #38 at Cape Ashizuri. The stops listed below take the coastal route, which is scenic, but has few stops or towns especially after Iburi.
New Saga Hot Spring (Saga-cho)
0880-55-7011 Daishido before Kotsuka Station.
Campground at Shimoda.
Tosa Seinan Big Park (Irino Matsubara, Okata-cho) – lots of space – good for camping
After Nakamura / Shimanto City
Daishido at Takejima.It sounds like it’s on the left bank of the Shimokawa River, close to the Ohashi (big bridge). Look for Kotsuka station ans ask to the local. Lovely place, just on th side of the hill. Have toilet and water. Check out for big spider inside!! V
Route 321, around Tsukurabuchi, there are huts just after the bird park.
Route 321 *Hut at Drive-in Suisha in Tosa-shimizu City. (water, toilet)
* Note: In July 2015, the hut was taken over by two squatters. The washroom building closer to the drive in has great benches for sleeping, but I think there are signs requesting you not to do so in Japanese. Would not recommend unless you’re really tired.
Campground next to a school at Shimonokae. (Near the school, look out for signs at the bridge, I didn’t find the campground, but I did see the school).
0880-84-1377 Shimonokae. Lodge Camellia. 3000 yen
Rest area at Iburi Port. (water, toilet, electricity was cut when I visited in 2015 summer). It’s very spacious.
Kubotsu Gyoko (Tosa Shimizu city, Kubotsu) – rest place, but get permission
0880-82-7304 Kanehira-san’s (legendary) Zenkoyado at Tsuro. Additional ¥500 for dinner. VVV
Goya rest hut nr 35 have toilet, water. V
*I’ve heard from henro friends in 2015 that there is a hut in the park just on the Okinohama Beach. Very exposed, but amazing in the summer!! V
#38 ~ #39
*Note: I haven’t stayed at any of these, and cannot verify them. I’ve tried my best to merge the lists / translate, but if you can read Japanese, then please see the link below for some additional places.* *Note that there are at least 3 courses between #38 and #39. The Japanese route seems to favor the coastal route while English guides seem to favor the mountain Mihara route. I haven’t stayed at any of these, and cannot verify them. I’ve tried my best to merge the lists / translate, but if you can read Japanese, then please see the link below for some additional places.*
[Mihara Course] Nishitani Daishido at Jizo Pass.
Campground in Mihara.
Nouka Minshuku Kazaguruma in Mihara town, ¥3000 for henro, has a bath, washing machine and fireplace
0880-46-2203 NPO Ikiiki Mihara Group (Mihara village) has lodging for 2600yen
Huts in area near the dam.
Shrine at Kanaezaki. (water, toilet)
[Tsukiyama Shrine course] Tsukiyama Jinju Rest Hut
[Tsukiyama Shrine course] Otsuki Hiromi Rest Hut
[Tsukiyama Shrine course] Michi-no-eki Tosa-shimizu, Sukumo.
Waiting room at Higashi-sukumo Station.
Waiting room at Hirata Station. Have toilet, water, vending machines V
#39 ~ #40
Tsuyado at Matsuo Daishido near Matsuo Pass (bring your own water). (Border of Ipponmatsu-cho and Sukumo City)
Roof near sports complex above Ipponmatsu Onsen. (water, toilet)
Temple #40 Tsuyado. No futon, but blankets available. Very nice. (Water,toilet) automat laundry 10 min walk VVV
#40 ~ #41
080-6392-9170長尾 Henro accommodation. De-Ai 21 (¥1500)
May be different from the accommodation at De-Ai Ainan Town Office (where you need to just ask permission). Ohama rest huts
Suno no Kawa park (water, toilet). Onsen nearby. VVV
Arashisaka Poket Park(?!) Before the Arashisaka Tunnel.
Huts after Arashi Post Office.
Yasuragi-no-Sato Michi no Eki, Tsushima. Free footbath at entrance to onsen. It’s a new onsen complex, spacious, and has groceries. There is a hut outside in the parking area that looks fairly private. I went to the onsen here. But didn’t stay overnight.
Hut just before Matsuo Tunnel. (water, toilet)
Hut at Ishimaru Park, between Lawson and Sunkus near Kitamura River.
Warei Park (Close to Uwajima Station)
Kita-Uwajima station. Very exposed. Leave early. People come at 6.00. (only desperate case) V
Uwajima Henro Hut
Michi-no-eki Mima. I slept right on top of the closed stall in the middle of the carpark, which was perfectly sheltered people that stop in the middle of the night can’t really see that there’s someone inside. There are also plenty of benches around the corner where people won’t go at night. The restrooms are very clean.
Iyo-Miyanoshita Station
#42 ~ #43
Hut in front of #42. Just say hi to the shop owners across the street.
0894-62-0227 Zenkonyado Utsumi-no-ie. ¥2500. (inclusive of 2 meals, laundry, bath)
Michibiki Daishido (only one person).
Rest hut just after Hanga Pass.
After you come down from the mountain road between #42 and #43, about 7km from #43, before crossing the river back onto Route 29, you will see some new henro huts.
Unomachi Station.
Park near #43.
#43 ~ #44
0893-25-2530 Tsuyado at Toyogabashi (Bangai 8). (onsen, supermarket, coin laundry nearby). Can also sleep under bridge (inform the temple). This was the place where Kobo Daishi reportedly slept under a bridge. VVV
Michi-no-eki Uchiko.
Zenkonyado after Nagaoka Tunnel (Tamiya-san).
Miyata-san (Route 379)
Also a Sennin Kinen Daishi Hall
Daishido near bus stop on main road of Hiwata Pass
Doyama Daishido at Oda-cho. Borrow the key at Kobata udon restaurant. Has kitchen and spacious. V
Kuma Kogen Park
Kuma Kogen Middle School Bus Stop
Temple #44
Kuma Kogen Michi-no-Eki (which opened in 2015). It is on Route 33, going through the Town Centre, close to the Town Office.
#44 ~ #45 Rest hut in front of Kokumin Shukusha Furuiwasou. (Onsen, coin laundry, toilet). Xx cold place Bus stops in the area. They’re enclosed huts.
Rest hut at Furusato Ryoko Mura.
Temple #47 Tsuyado. 089-963-0271. Nice place to stay for the night. Tatami, futon, toilet, water, little kitchen. Free bike xxx.
#47 ~ #48 089-963-2624 Fudahajime Daishido, ask for permission at the telephone number given (water, toilet). I’ve walked past this and it looks like a nice place.
Hut at Jou-no-fuchi Park (water, toilet).
Temple #51 Tsuyado. This place is amazing. I won’t say more, but highly recommended. (water, toilet, electricity, blankets and futon, fans) VVVV
#51 ~ #52
080-1750-5454 (Near Dogo Onsen) Fujiya Guesthouse, ¥2000
It’s alright. If not for the laundry and the kitchen, I actually prefer the temple tsuyado (where you can hop to the onsen for a shower).
089-908-5444 Eco Dogo. ¥2500.Dogo Ai guesthouse in arcade near Dogo Onsen, ¥2000, dormitory with kitchen facilites and washing machine
Matsuyama Youth Hostel 089-933-6366
Park at Taisho-gun Shrine (water, toilet). I saw this place, which is a flight of stairs above the main road against a small hill, and wasn’t too thrilled, but I have an aversion to sleeping in dark places with single street lamps.
Temple #52
Tsuyado. (According to the Shikoku Henro Trail, but have not seen it on any other lists)
#52~ #53
Hut in a small park beside the Lawson at the intersection of Roads 39 and 347, close to #52. (Water, Toilet). It’s not on the lists, but I ate breakfast here and it seems like the perfect place to camp or sleep in a sleeping bag. Google Street View has a picture.
#53 ~ #54
Seems to be a place in front of Iyo Kitajo Station.
(Asanami) Daishido, get key from next-door shop Hamada Pump / behind a tatami shop, knock on their door after 5pm to get the key. toilet outback and running water out the front. Stop by and ask at Coffee Shop Mikasa
Possible to sleep outside at the hut at the Michi no Eki along Route 196 (Hojo City, Oura) with water and toilet
Hojosuigun Youth Hostel 089-992-4150 4000 yen (included dinner, breakfast) hojo city shower toilet internet ecc. V
0898-54-2491円福寺 Tsuyado at Aoki Jizo (warning – this place is supposed to be haunted). (Also the directions in Japanese are a bit strange)
Hoshinourakaihama Park
#54 ~ #55
Otanirinen Pagoda hut (?)
Temple #56
Tsuyado. (Shikoku Henro Trail says it’s no longer available.)
Temple #58
Tsuyado (with shower, onsen and laundry). VV
#59 ~ #60
JR Iyo-Sakurai Station.
Huts at Michi-no-eki Imabari (Onsen nearby).
Tsuyado at Koumeiji, near Higiri-Daishi (bathhouse nearby). V
Hut at Ozaki Yabata Shrine.
About 7km before #60 on Route 147 there is a new henro hut.
Hut at start of mountain path to #60. The toilet is pretty dirty, but there is waterfall with delicious fresh water. You can help yourself to one of the many staffs there, which are unique to the temple.
Bangai 11. Tsūyadō. (Nihara-cho, Imai). FromShikoku Henro Trail: Dave Bolster says that the caretaker asked for a thousand yen donation.
#60 ~ 61
Shirotaki okunoin Hut (Toilet)
Unattended station.
#63 ~ #64
JR Ishizuchi Station (water, toilet). V
Temple #64
Hut in the garage (onsen nearby).
#64 ~ #65
About 5-10km after #64 there is a rest hut on the left side of the road, with spring water. Try some of the fountains after #64 as the water’s amazing.
0897-41-6754 Hagio-an Zenkonyado (Takahashi-san), about 12.5km from #64. Near Hagio post office, run by Takahashi tatami shop, toilet, running water and electricity, shops nearby. Free bento at the Hoka-hoka-tei nearby. Very nice and tipical place. VVV
Bujo Park (Saijo-City, Fukutake) possible to sleep on the east side of Kamogawa(river) (hut, water, toilet)
Place to camp about 300m north of the Daily Yamazaki combini at Funaki (water, toilet). Shimin no Mori (Niihama City, Funaki) along Route 11, east of the convenience store.
Hut at Enmei-ji (water, toilet).  Bangai 12. Niihama City, Doi-cho, Irino
Iyo-Doi Station. (I used the washroom at the Hellos Supermarket about 5-10 mins walk away) VV
Konjaku-an Zenkonyado at Doi Station, ¥1000 (food, shower, laundry provided). 080-3055-1487.* Note, this number didn’t work when I phoned.
Tsūyadō at Mitani Daishi Hall (Iyo Mishima City, Nakasone-cho). 300m west of entrance to Mishima Park.
Hut at Mishima Park.
Hut at Togawa Park. It’s a spacious rest area that has benches and tables, so can fit quite a few people. It’s also in a quiet neighborhood. (water, toilet) VV
#65 ~ #66
Hirayama Bus Stop.
Handa Rest Area.
0883-76-4727 Minshuku Tabibito-yado, after Sakaime tunnel, make a phone call at Restaurant Suisha, ¥2500/3000, *Note: I didn’t stay here, but this gentleman is legendary amongst henro, and worth the money for a good night’s sleep in the mountains. The numbers and prices are a bit different between an 2014 English Version and 2015 Japanese Version, so I’ve included both.
Bus stop in front of Minshuku Okado (3 tatami) on Rte 192 just before temple #66
Temple #66
雲辺寺通夜堂 Tsuyado at Miroku-do just at the base of the stairs to the temple. Toilet outside. It’s an enclosed building and quite nice. VVVV
#66 ~ #67
Shirafuji Daishido (ask permission from Ando-san), on the trail after Shin-Ike. (Kannonji City, Awai-cho) It is beside a pond, and a very nice building.
#68 ~ #69
Place to stay above #69. Hut at lookout point (toilet).
#70 ~ #71
Can camp under the bridge before #70. Sleep outside near the toilets in the parking lot of Motoyama Inari Park 300m just before temple #70. VV
高瀬温泉 お接待 (Takase) Free onsen at Takase Onsen, 1km after turning into Daiichi Hospital.
Hut at Iyadani OnsenFureai Park Mino (water, toilet), just under #71. I didn’t notice the hut, but the complex has enough benches, secluded corners and rooftop patios to sleep in. There is a discount coupon (1500 JPY to 1200 JPY) for henro (which are placed in the temple stamp offices roughly from Temple 66). You can sleep in the onsen until they close at midnight.
Note: Be cautious of the temple lodgings listed below.
I asked at most of the temples in Kagawa whether they had lodging, and despite being listed in both the English and Japanese versions, I was was told point blank that they didn’t. I spoke to henro about this later on and learned down the henro grapevine that Kagawa has had a history of wanting to discourage foreign henro. I’m not sure if the lists are just outdated or whether the above is still true. Either case, I wish you the best in your lodging hunt!
Temple #71
Tsuyado. I was told by the people at the stamp office there is no accommodation, even with the 2015 Japanese list in hand.
Temple #72 ~ #73
0877-63-0072 This is the teahouse on the temple grounds. I was told there was no accommodation.
Temple #75
0877-62-0111 Ask at the temple office for Zenkonyado by Mrs. Takamoto (house with bath). Nice place. Very kind woman. VV
#76 ~ #77
(Tadotsu-cho) Zenkonyado Mandara. 0877-32-0071. 50m north of liquor manufacturer Kinryo
Horie Park behind the cemetary at the end of the street past the train crossing west of #77. (Water, toilet).
#77 ~ #78
Jizu-do Utazu Road 194, on the right.
0877-49-2600 Shikoku Kenko Mura. For henro if you present your stamp book (or look convincingly travel-worn). It is to sleep in one of the lounge chairs in the onsen complex. If you want a capsule pod, it’s another ¥1500. You can search up the location on Google Maps.
0877-85-5172 Utangura zenkonyado, 300m east from the gate of Goshoji temple (temple 78), ¥1000. Osettai for breakfast and rice balls for lunch, separate rooms for men and women, bath and laundry. VVVVV
#78 ~ #79
Small hut 500m south of #79 along Route 11
Temple #79
Tsuyado (Not on the Japanese list)
*Note: From #79, you can go up to #81, down to #80, and back up to #82.
#80 ~ #81
There’s a hut just near the top of the mountain trail that leads to Road 180. No water and toilet though.
There is a hut in a Park in Takamtsu city. Toilet, water, electricity. VV
*Note: From #80, you can cut to #83 as #81 and #82 are on a plateau
Tsuyado (Not on the Japanese list)
#81 ~ #82
A big hut (water, toilet) around the Road 180 and 281intersection. If you ask the shop keepers just down the road, you may be able to use the empty enclosed building just up the hill (from where you came from #81).
New Henro Hut after you leave Road 180 and get into a mountain path. It’s just before #82. (Water, toilet, electricity, carpet flooring, upper loft section). Highly recommend this one. VVV
#80 ~ #83
*Note: This is for those who are skipping #81 – #82 on the plateau.
A place to stay under the Number 12 expressway.
#82 ~ #83
087-881-2922 A Senju Kannon Hall 50m west of Iwata Shrine and east of JR Oninashi station. Get permission at Mukai Const with number above.
#83 ~ #84
087-816-1831 Zenkonyado (Slow life, water, kitchen, toilet, shower) close to temple. Ask at the stamp office. VVV
Hut in park at behind Ichinomiya Middle School (water, toilet).
AirBnB listing close to Ichinomiya Station.
Hut at Yashima Elementary Park.
#84 ~ #85
Hut at the back of Temple #84 (water, toilet).
Yashima Daiichi Kenko Land, west side of temple 84, near the port, ¥2575
Place to stay near Yakuri Cable Station (water, toilet), or below #85.Couchsurfing hosts in Takamatsu
AirBnB listings in Takamatsu
#85 ~ #86
Can stay at Rokuman-ji (unverified, and not on any other list).
There are benches and tables at the top of the hill, near the temple 85, close to the Yakuri cablecar station. V
#86 ~ #87
087-894-0038 Taiya Ryokan. ¥3000 Each Person. Breakfast ¥500. 4 mins walk from Shido Station.
Zouda Station  V
#87 ~ #88
Sleep outside south of Abe Dental Clinic at Sekisei Tengu (Sanuki City, Nagao Higashi)
Kikaku Park. (One of the English lists had Kametsuru Park, but my research says it’s a different reading.)
Maeyama Camp Ground. (water, toilet)
Michi no Eki Nagao
Hut in front of Henro Cultural Exchange Salon (water, toilet). Can get a ‘ohenro taishi’ certificate from the salon (open until 4pm).
Hut at the bus stop (shower, water, toilet) in front of the temple gate. VV
050-3433-8378 Hidamarimushi, old Japanese style guest house, ¥2000, dinner ¥1000, breakfast ¥500.
#88 ~ 高野山
090-7780-1273西村 Namaste Guest House. (Phone Nishimura-san) 2000 Y VVVV
090-5717-9096 / 080-1271-4300湯浅Ashram zenkonyado, near Naruto station, ¥2000, tea & coffee provided as osettai, kitchen available.
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